6 thoughts on “Do This For Your Significant Other Today!!

  1. “Man dumb!” lol Mr. Comfortable once rode on his bike, in 90+degree heat, to pick some wildflowers I’d mentioned were pretty. He’s STILL getting bonus points for it and it’s been years since he did it. And why did he ride his bike instead of taking the car? He didn’t want me to hear the car leave because he wanted to surprise me.

    1. People need to revisit how to treat each other and I have decided to lead the revolution! First, men and women should be required to attend counseling classes for 6 months before getting married to truly understand two words: commitment and forever. Then men need to start treating women like queens. We (men) get so wrapped up in hunting and gathering that we forget about the loving.

  2. Danny, this was awesome. I was hooked by the title of this blog! What’s funny is that I watched and listened to this with my fiancé right here. I chuckled when you mentioned that if you don’t buy your woman flowers for no reason then your an idiot, and then near the end mentioning the word big dummy. lol

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