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      1. My favorite phrase to discuss: “I’m a realist.” lol In talking about my views on life I get this one quite often. There was a time in life when I identified myself as a realist. It was my go-to word. Really what I used it for was to justify where I was in life. Not that I am saying that is what you are doing. I’m only talking about my experience. Now I disallow myself to use the word because I used it for so long to limit myself. Now I travel around speaking on behalf of the National MS Society to corporations, businesses, have a thriving blog and get to help people living with MS. All of these things I would never ever dreamed of, but look at me now. lol With all of that said realism comes into play when it is 4 degrees outside and you have to dress like an Eskimo to get the paper. I read your post earlier about Blogmas.

      2. Exactly. I believe you get what you give. I hope I give love and understanding. But I don’t expect it in return. I don’t need it in return. I’m happy wherever I find myself. MS is rough! There are so many bloggers with MS. I have found out so many things I never knew about it.

    1. There are a lot of people in the same boat. Tough for some people to “get it.” Relationships are the most important but some will never have their eyes opened. Keep hope alive my friend.

    1. You are one of many who have expressed this same desire. I just received an email from someone too. I am truly surprised at how common this seems to be. To understand your situation, your mom treats your kids differently than she does her other grandkids?

      1. I understand the money side of school. Evelina just finished law school and we did it without a single loan, which as you can imagine is not cheap. But we eliminated a lot of expenses to be able to do so: no cable, no eating out, shopping with coupons, etc. It took a lot out of us but we did it and she takes the BAR in February.

  1. I expect myself to be the best at what I come to do. Do I want to change that? Not at all. That’s how I push forward into territories that were before unknown, but are now second nature. I do build relationships, but I have to compete alongside that. It’s just what I do.

      1. In terms of past expectations, no I don’t. I’ve gotten rid of the things that held me down recently. That expectation of being great is the only one I can’t let go of; it’s me.

  2. Great question, Danny. That my ex husband will start actually parenting our children rather then trying to be the “cool, good guy” by showering them with expensive gifts as a way of excusing his lack of spending quality time with them, helping them in school, tending to their health needs or going to their sporting events.
    What’s yours?

    1. Oh God, too many to list! Lol. The first thing is my athletic background when I was young compared to my body now as it gets older. I still expect myself and my body to do things it simply can’t do now. Admitting that is not easy. Lol. I’m getting old! Lol.

      1. I hear ya on that one especially when a health issue throws itself into the mix. Maybe it’s good to remind ourselves what we are better and wiser for now that we are older. 🙂

      1. It makes me smile to know you are working to make progress and I hope it makes you smile knowing that although I don’t know you I will be thinking of you. 🙂

      2. I always am working on my mind! Working on my body too. And I thank you for that great kindness. I think that kindness means something and matters. Thank you!

  3. Here’s one for the holiday season. When I was a kid growing up in an Italian family, I would watch my mom stress out about who was coming over for the holidays and when. My brother was quite a big older and married and my mom would pitch a fit if he didn’t come over and spend equal time with our family as he did with his in-laws. This has made me feel just the opposite. I have a daughter who lives on her own with her boyfriend and they have a baby. We will be happy just to see her at the holidays and will enjoy every minute instead of stressing about how many minutes we spend together. Life is too short.

  4. My one big expectation that I have yet to completely let go of, is that I expect others to live by the motto, the verse in the Bible to be exact and I don’t honestly know where except in the New Testament (I believe), “do unto others as you would have them do unto you”. Sometimes it frustrates me how cruel and evil people can be. How uncompassionate they can be.
    I have become better but I do still get disappointed.
    And let us not get into the expectation of people using common sense and practicing safe driving…
    Merry Christmas everyone.

    1. This is a good one. Putting self first is often the best thing you can do for others. Especially significant others. If you don’t love yourself then you cannot fully love others. 😍

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