17 thoughts on “MS Cannot Keep This Old Dog Down!!

  1. So inspiring! I don’t have MS, but have seen you mention it here and there. It’s motivational that you don’t let it get you down! I have various health issues and they do get me down on occasion, but I’ve recently found my calling and am finding a way to living life to its fullest no matter what. You gotta make the most of life and what you’re given. If there’s something challenging, sometimes helping others who have similar issues can be an amazing purpose and so rewarding.

  2. Nice to see you on video. Mind you in spite of your MS you look the picture of health. You are doing very well anyway. Many perfectly healthy people don’t do one tenth of what you manage to do. Best wishes.

  3. Danny, I was tested for MS a few years ago but found out I have a number of other chronic conditions instead. My list contains osteoarthritis, fibromyalgia, chronic fatigue syndrome, asthma, IBS, a lower lumbar fracture in 3 places, bipolar, clinical depression, OCD, and a few other nice things thrown in for good measure. But like you, I fight the good fight and instead of letting it all get me down I try to use my experience to help others. Yes, once in awhile I cave in and write a post like “I am tired of being high maintenance”; however, writing is my drug of choice. It seems to get me out of any pity party I might be crashing. A dear friend does have MS and we have a great time together because we just accept each other as we are. Our hubbies should both be put up for sainthood (not trying to be blasphemous here, they really are our angels!)

    You might even get me trying a video or two…with my froggy voice and swollen face! 🙂

  4. I thought that you had mentioned that you have MS. One of my sisters has it. I hope that you are not overdoing it because from what I can see, you do A LOT.

    Is that a bit of a Texas accent coming through? 😉

    1. No Texas in me, but I am a southern kid: North Carolina. And it might look like I do a lot but most of it is non-physical. After 7 years I have learned to rest a lot. 🙂

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