71 thoughts on “Let Me Ask You A Question – 12/21/16

  1. I am incredibly blessed because my husband and I (and usually my youngest son) end up laughing to tears many times each week. They are both so funny and observant that even everyday things become hilarious.

  2. Last time my sister Roan and I hung out together, April 5, 2016. Hearty laughter (usually with irreverence and excessive mockery) is as predictable as snow falling somewhere in the world in winter.

  3. When I was young. Laughing to bellyache or tears is typical of young people adolescents and children. As we become adults we or at least I still laugh but not to tears or bellyache at least rarely. I remember that when I was young I used to laugh so much sometimes that my stomach muscles ached to the point that I seriously thought that I was going to die but even so I couldn’t stop and it was a painful experience. Probably this is where the expression dying from laughters originates.

  4. Yesterday. I can’t remember what I said to Max, but he clearly wasn’t happy with my response. He gave me the ‘look’ and said in a serious tone “You’ve been naughty and Santa’s watching you”. I laughed and laughed. My 4 year old telling me off!

  5. A passenger in the car with my daughter and her ten yr old daughter. We had watched “Zootopia”a few days earlier. I asked her a question I don’t remember and she answered in the voice of Mr. Big, the “godfather”character.

  6. Haha! Tonight when my friend said this about her daughter’s appearance in her band uniform: “You should have seen her last night in her horrible shapeless polyester maroon band uniform dress. She was stunning.” I laughed ’til I cried. Lol.

  7. It was yesterday morning. My eight year old has been getting up every morning to find the Elf on the Shelf. Yesterday, he was hanging from her bathroom mirror and had written her a note telling her to have a great day. She found him and then came running into our room at 6:30 AM. When we asked her what’s wrong, she said she had to use our bathroom because the elf was in her bathroom and she couldn’t use it because he is a boy and might see her.

  8. Yesterday with my son. We were taking out trash and I wont go into details about what he said/did because it’s personal..but good grief, he is funny. He and my husband both crack me up so I laugh a lot. I’m very lucky. 🙂

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