Meet Cyranny’s Cove!

Cyranny's Cove


A cold winter night, and such a usual scene for her. Sitting in the glass shelter near the bus stop, she enjoyed the protection from the biting freezing  of the evening winds. She was alone, on the simple bench, as she was used to be, at this time of day.

A pick up truck was parked nearby. Not by the sidewalk, but in the mall’s parking lot. A man sat behind the wheel.

The street lights lay a warm halo on his face, and her gaze was drawn to him. He seemed somewhow magnetic, and she didn’t even try to be discreet. He looked right back at her, and neither felt the need to look away. There was something eerie about this moment they shared in silence, not even nodding at each other, to aknowledge the other’s presence.

They just kept staring, in the night, for what felt like hours…

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