Let Me Ask You A Question – 12/26/16


Let me ask you a question:

What is the best surprise you have ever had in your life? Β 

27 thoughts on “Let Me Ask You A Question – 12/26/16

  1. I LOVE this question! When my son was born. I had many ultrasounds (they weren’t as high-tech years ago as they are now) and they told me I was having a girl. So we prepared for A bouncing baby-girl and got a beautiful baby boy instead. Go Cody!! Best surprise ever!

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  2. Finding out that my stepmother was pregnant with my kid sister 17 years ago. I’m now the eldest of 7 and before my kid sister, I was the big sister to 5 boys for 19 years. Best gift ever.

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  3. My Son!! There was nothing planned about him, and he’s a delightful child! He charming, smart, handsome, and has a sweet disposition that makes him easy to love! My theory is that God gave me a good one cause He knew I wouldn’t have the patients for a bad one!

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  4. Recently when I was in my hotel room at the place where my daughter is in college, I was really surprised when there was a knock at my door and opening it, I found my daughter outside. We had had a rather not so warm relationship for about a month before that and I thought she would not visit me at my hotel as I embarrassed her.
    It was a great surprise and our relationship went up from there.

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