27 thoughts on “Let Me Ask You A Question – 12/26/16

  1. I LOVE this question! When my son was born. I had many ultrasounds (they weren’t as high-tech years ago as they are now) and they told me I was having a girl. So we prepared for A bouncing baby-girl and got a beautiful baby boy instead. Go Cody!! Best surprise ever!

    1. Double your pleasure!! I have often wondered what people who find out they are having 3, 4, 5 babies at once do to survive. lol All available family members unite!

  2. Finding out that my stepmother was pregnant with my kid sister 17 years ago. I’m now the eldest of 7 and before my kid sister, I was the big sister to 5 boys for 19 years. Best gift ever.

  3. My Son!! There was nothing planned about him, and he’s a delightful child! He charming, smart, handsome, and has a sweet disposition that makes him easy to love! My theory is that God gave me a good one cause He knew I wouldn’t have the patients for a bad one!

  4. Recently when I was in my hotel room at the place where my daughter is in college, I was really surprised when there was a knock at my door and opening it, I found my daughter outside. We had had a rather not so warm relationship for about a month before that and I thought she would not visit me at my hotel as I embarrassed her.
    It was a great surprise and our relationship went up from there.

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