15 thoughts on “Something Happened 3 Years Ago That Made Me See the Light!

  1. This was an inspiring post. I am sorry of course that you have M.S., but it’s wonderful to hear the delightful way you are working through it. I don’t have M.S. thank goodness but I did battle Cancer three times in my life and determination and laughter I believe helped me conquer the fight. It started when my youngest was only four, the last was in 2008, removal of my upper lobe in my right lung. she is now thirty eight. My oncologist told me I have a wonderful attitude about recovering, laughter is a big part of that attitude. Oh, by the way I am now 73 and still laughing. :o)

    1. I am so happy to read about you overcoming cancer 3 times!! Holy cow. The laughter for me has been my medicine and I agree with you that your attitude has a tremendous impact on your physical body. Some do not believe this, but it is a truth.

      1. My first Oncologist after my first surgery had a conversation with me while I was still in the hospital. At the end of the conversation he said to me; “The mind is a powerful thing and you have one”, and then he smiled. I never forgot his words and that was 34 years ago. :o)

  2. I <3 you and have so much gratitude for your life. As I sit in a hospital bed today (cardiac world), I don't know what MS pain is like, yet I know what sickness pain you can't really control is like, and yes, the laughter is all that is real today! Thank you for that great reminder … Sending you holiday hugs from Southern California! <3nikiV

    1. Nikohl, I am happy to think my video brought a little perspective to you in the hospital. I hope you recover quickly and can get home soon! And Merry Christmas from North Carolina to you in SoCal!!

    1. It really is all we have, but we live under the illusion that we have more. That’s why I try to encourage those who are suffering to appreciate today, laugh, love and do their best.

  3. Danny,
    I listened to your youtube video and am really inspired especially about the laugh part- I wish I could. I used to a child but somewhere the world got me. I will try and make it my goal for 2017 to laugh at myself first and foremost and then laugh at as many things in the world as possible.
    I didn’t get the part about ” if you were meant to save the world–” – if you could tell me again…

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