40 thoughts on “Let Me Ask You A Question – 12/27/16

      1. That’s easier said than done. Besides at the moment my best friends are in London, but if they will move I’ll have to give it a thought. This said I live a life far removed from the usual hustle and bustle of everyday life so I can get along.

      1. Living in Spain today is probably very similar to anywhere else, except the language of course and the working hours are different. When I first came to Spain Franco was still alive and in his last year of life.. so freedom as a female was a little different, however I have to say I did always feel safe, in the street, my home and most people did not lock their doors !! (although I have to say this could of been due to pure fear, Franco was a dictador)I have seen great changes in this wonderful country, my biggest adjustment culturally many years ago was having a brain, being from another country and having an opinion !!

    1. I am always amazed at how small the world has become with the internet. I have readers from every country on the globe except two. I will never get accustomed to that fact.

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