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Mellix Life

dishwasheTo all of the stay at home moms out there…I don’t know how you do it. When I had my second child I crunched the numbers and was elated about the possibility of staying home with my babies. My oldest was three years old at the time. Not too far into my maternity leave I dropped by my old office to visit my co-workers. I remember telling my boss frantically “PLEASE let me answer a phone call! I need to have an adult conversation!” Ultimately, it didn’t work out staying home after six weeks. I’m just the type of person that can’t do it. I always joke about how I’m such a great mom after 5PM and on weekends 🙂

In all honesty even at night and on weekends I get frustrated with them easily. I don’t have the level of patience required sometimes. I don’t want to freak out and…

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