10 thoughts on “1 Thing To Excavate In Your Life That Will Bring You More Fulfillment!

  1. Danny..
    it’s so amazing how you sit there and analyze the reason for some people to not use their passions and how it can get buried with life journey..

    Your videos are awesome 👏..
    love ❤️ to listen to your pep talks.. especially finding that you are in sync with me and you actually echoes my very thoughts 💭..

    You put into words most times exactly what I would try to say but couldn’t clarify.

    Happy 😊 new year Danny

  2. I watched this earlier (subscribed!) and I keep thinking about the notion that we can look back to what we loved as a child to see where our true passions are, before the weight of adulthood took over. The reply that your artist friend gave you when asked when he started to draw is powerful. So true! I never even thought of it like that. Great stuff!

    1. I am glad you liked. And, yes, I tell people the same-think back to when you were younger. What did you do that you loved. Usually it has to do with creativity and art.

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