40 thoughts on “Let Me Ask You A Question – 1/3/16

    1. You and I think along the same lines and I figured the answer would always be yes. But you might be shocked at some of the feedback I get that daily habits aren’t that important and have little to no impact on success. It amazes me that some think like this.

      1. That’s wild. I don’t see how they couldn’t impact ones life. I’m a fly by the seat of my pants kinda person, but I couldn’t survive my daily life, at this point in my life, without some sort of habitual ritual…and a monthly planner. It’s against my every fiber to be so meticulous (well, as meticulous as I can muster), but it’s like the NCAA Tourney, man. Survive and advance. 😃

      2. I am noticing a trend with the younger generation that I’m not sure I like. They don’t seem to understand a lot. My friend’s college kid can do great things in science, but asked me the other day if George Washington had electricity.

      3. I watched a video today of a group of millennials who had never, ever used a can opener and could not cut open a can. This generation is going to struggle.

      4. I’m not so sure they get it and the few who argue with me about things like daily habits are either pranking me or showing a disconnect.

  1. “settled or regular tendency or practice, especially one that is hard to give up:
    “this can develop into a bad habit” · This is Google’s response to a search for “habit”. Certainly the bad ones can be really bad to the point of destructive. But the good ones are a real plus. Mine include always eating breakfast, keeping a day timer even though I have a “smart” phone, and remembering to pause before bed and think about the good things that happened that day.

      1. I put down the days tasks with symbols that indicate whether it is a phone call, email, text, internet research and if it is urgent it is put down in red ink. Then in the next column I make notes about the task as it is completed or not completed. There is a page a day. Also there is a month calendar on two pages and all appointments are put on this page and also transferred each to the individual days. It’s old school really. When I was working I used two pages for a day and everything relating to my work went onto the pages. There are also pages with references to the days and what particular notes I took on those days. In a page marker that has pockets I put reminders that can travel forward with the days and also any receipts etc that need to be dealt with. Well…that’s enough from me on that topic I think:)

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