Eating New Year’s Crow

This is Being Lydia!!

Being Lydia!

dollarsignSome of you may remember last year (that was so long ago!) I wrote about problems with my grocery store delivery service. They were out of things I needed most and/or substituted for things I couldn’t use. Once they never delivered at all nor did they call to let me know. I got the order almost 24 hours after it was supposed to show up and I didn’t have things I needed for hubby’s sandwiches.

But I have stuck with them because every new endeavour has growing pains and I really like both the store and the ease of shopping online and having it delivered. I am not driving at the moment so it means Hubby has to rush to the store after work (before midnight) or get up early and take me. The deli isn’t open past 10 pm so we can’t get sandwich meat then.

On the whole…

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