33 thoughts on “Let Me Ask You A Question – 1/6/17

  1. Remembering a travel journey I’ve went on with my Mum! For Now…the memory of spending 15 days in Barcelona, Spain last August is what puts a big smile on my face instantly! It was a great & enjoyable vacation! 🙂

  2. Seeing World of Color at Disneyland. I was with my mum on a school field trip for my orchestra class and I remember feeling so mesmerized by the display on the water. It truly changed my life but I’m not sure why.

  3. We visited an old “battleship” with some friends of ours. We had 2 kids at the time and they had 3. Their youngest was about 2 years old. At one point, our two families started talking to another family with kids who were visiting as well. We had never met this other family. Our friend, who was the father of the 3 kids, picked up a small child from this family of strangers. He stood there talking to these parents while holding THEIR kid who was about 2 years old – same as his daughter. When they finished talking, he started walking away with THEIR kid! It was so funny! He thought he had picked up his daughter, but wasn’t paying attention and had picked up their child instead. All I have to do is think about this and – LAUGH!!

      1. Not her actual birth in the delivery room, but her introduction to my life post birth. She was so tiny and perfect. I fell in love instantly.

  4. The memory I turn to when I need a smile most is a simple moment in time. About 6 years ago, at this point. It was Christmas Eve. My oldest son was then 4. We had just gotten home from a Christmas Eve party. He had his reindeer food. Snow was falling softly, and he was walking in our front yard sprinkling his reindeer food. He had a smile on his face, his excitement for Santa coming was palpable. I stood, watching him, feeling the snow on my face, feeling overwhelmed with love and joy. He had no idea what Christmas morning would look like, but he was so excited and happy. I play this memory in my mind like a movie. It was the closest to perfection I have ever experienced.

  5. There are a couple. First the day before I had my first date with my husband. We were working for the same event and I had a break. It was summer, it started raining and I just sat in the rain. He walked around the corner and immediately started laughing, asking me if I’m slightly crazy sitting in the rain. I told him yes. Guess he likes crazy… (although I don’t consider it being crazy…). Then the day and the way he proposed and last but not least thinking about the moment I held my kids for the first time.

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