60 thoughts on “Let Me Ask You A Question – 1/9/17

  1. I am finding myself branching into new areas/ways of thought that are helping me. Trying to “be like water”, accept and expect nothing, and just go with the flow. Terribly difficult to give up so many old habits/thought processes, confident improvement will come the harder I stop trying to stop trying 😉

  2. Today, it took a crappy turn. I must admit it is my fault. However, I might have another chance to do better. I still lost a decent person because I have a bad habit of not showing up on time.

  3. A mixture of personal disaster and professional triumph. My New Year’s resolution to watch every single episode of 80’s British TV show ‘Allo Allo’ is going brilliantly, however.

  4. I would say it’s going well. I had to have my 11th basal cell surgery. And the place where it is has already been cut on two times. So my 3 inch scar is becoming a five inch scar. It’s on the right side of my neck, so will be pretty obvious. But I take these kinds of things in stride. There are a lot of other things that I have to deal with that are a whole lot more serious. I won’t even mention my MS. I’m in prayer right now for my son who needs a new job and favor in the court system for father rights, and our nation as a whole. I grieve for the divisions that are going on. Whether you like him or not, Trump is our president, and deserves our respect. Ongoing question is, what would’ve happened eight years ago if this kind of uproar happened when Obama was elected. Or any of our other presidents we have been voted in. A very many layered question, for sure.

  5. Excellent!! I’ve had to take some personal days (cause I don’t want to lose them!!) and have been using them to clean, purge, and reorganize! My office has been a disaster for some time now and I’m determined to get a handle on it. I think I will feel better working in a less cluttered space.
    Also, yesterday, I got 3 workouts in; 2 dance classes (cause I LOVE to dance,) and a vigorous walk with my hubby and our dog!
    A great start if you ask me!!

  6. Pretty good thanks Danny. It’s hot here and I’ve had a couple of short breaks to the beach with my family which has been nice. Now working on goals and a vision board for the year. Hope yours is going well. 😊

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