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  1. After breaking down to “inspirational” performers, #TomHanks was #MyNewBoyfriends fave, #ForrestGump his most inspirational … for me, all movies are the same, in books, most inspirational young #Ellen in #TheSilverCrown … such a powerful inspirational story.

      1. His inspired nature through which he keeps going regardless of what’s thrown at him. He finds his goals and attains them. He doesn’t forget about parts of his life Just like that.

      1. A traditional Indian family coming to America in the seventies and the struggles of their son to assimilate into American culture through his Shane of being so different in this ivy league town. He was the only foreigner. Butting heads with his dad while rebelling to find his place in the society he was thrown in. The book was better obviously. But the movie was still pretty good and Oscar nominated I believe.

      2. It is a common struggle with first generation Americans, I think that’s why I identified with it. You keep trying to straddle both. And sooner or later

      3. Evelina’s family deals with this struggle. Trying to maintain their Polish identity while at the same time becoming American. It is tough.

      1. I liked the message, I learned so much I didn’t know before. It was kinda like an awakening for me. Helped me be aware of the illusion we all live in. Very deep movie

      1. It was a movie made by non actors that were in a church. I think they may have hired one person but I found it incredibly inspiring. To not give up. TO keep believing.

      2. I typically think movies like this are hokey and cheesy but this one is in a series of really good ones. They also made a movie called courageous and fireproof. Both I also found inspiring.

      1. I am not too familiar with things like Netflix and the like… I know “The hunt” should be pretty easy to find though (Mads, the actor playing the main character, won the César for best actor). Everybody happy might be a little more difficult to find, but totally worth it. Here are the trailers…

        The story of a man, falsely accused of child abuse in a small town.

        The story of a famous comedian fighting with depression. A brilliant way to present the way depressive people see life….

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