43 thoughts on “Let Me Ask You A Question – 1/11/17

  1. I’m stuck between penguin n horse cause I love but wouldn’t want to live in cold clomates all uear round. So horse it is so I can run anywhere I want without anyone telling me what to do,id be stubborn.

  2. So funny, I just talked about this the other day. I was telling someone that I hope this is my last time here, but if I have to come back, I want it to be as a Sloth!! A sloth in the highest trees in the safest jungle, just hanging out and being…slothy. Happy, patient, no real predators, calm, and if an anaconda comes slithering down the branch, I’ll just move aside with a wink and a nod.

  3. I’m a Leo so I definitely would choose to be a Lion! Who wouldn’t want to be the King of the Jungle? 😉 I’d consider a chimpanzee too ’cause they have higher IQ than the rest of the animals.

  4. Since humans are adding hundreds to the endangered list every day, I think the human ego is safest being a human or a dog(long shot a cat). It’s basically the only lives that humans will go out of the way to save.

  5. A horse. Of course. There is a common misconception that horses are stupid. Nothing could be father from the truth. They are very intelligent and have retained many survival techniques ( observation, quick reactions and intuition ) that we humans have lost in our dependency on intellectual intelligence. The sad thing is that many horses are mistreated and reach a point where they shut down and then become sad creatures. Horses are not our natural partners as they are prey animals and we are predators but they choose to associate with us. So it’s a horse for me and the wish to have a good human that will respect me.

      1. I just love turtles. They can stay in the ocean, traveling far. But they can also be on land. They seem wise (who knows, maybe they’re totally clueless…). And everyone seems to like turtles…

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