Let Me Ask You A Question – 1/13/17


Let me ask you a question:

What is the most exciting road trip you’ve ever taken?   

24 thoughts on “Let Me Ask You A Question – 1/13/17

  1. Summer, all by myself, except when I wasn’t, and then it was like a different planet where everything just was exactly as it should be in the perfection of the corruption of my own mind. Spent a week, living in car, homeless in San Francisco, spent a couple of weeks in the mountains at my cousin’s, and doing political actions in Sacramento, Santa Cruz, etc. A month long in California “occupy” the road trip. 😊 playing with random citizens who agreed to being with “randomly me”, and our politicians who think they may one day actually control me, lolol.

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  2. My mind is wandering to all the great road trip’s I’ve had. But I think I will mention the one I took with my grandparents, my mother, my younger brother, and myself out to the west national parks when we are living in Ohio. I was 10 and my younger brother was seven. We got to see Mount Rushmore, Yellowstone, and the amazing parks in Utah. The night before we were to head into the Grand Canyon, my brother and I were trying to see how fast we could twirl each other in a swivel chair. He won, and I got sick. I was sick for about three days. So even though I have been to the Grand Canyon, I’ve never seen it.

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  3. That would depend on how we define exciting for a road trip. There’s the “OMG! LOOK AT THAT, AND THAT, AND THAT!” kind, and then there’s the “OMG! WE’RE ALL GONNA DIE!” kind. Sorting out which is more exciting will take some pondering.

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  4. My husband and I did a road trip from Maine to Texas to visit my in-laws in April of 2010. We took different routes coming and going. On our return trip, we stopped in Tennessee, North Carolina and Virginia to sight see. It was such a fantastic, relaxing trip because we had just moved from Connecticut to Maine and were both unemployed. We figured with the freedom we had from not having to be on any time schedule we should take advantage of it and do a road trip. I am glad that we did because it was nice to be carefree travelers for a while.

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  5. Picking up, leaving, moving to New Orleans. Knew one person there. Had no secure method of income lined up, no set place to live. Just up and did it anyway.
    A near-cross country solo trip from KY to Seattle (x2) was pretty cool too. Just pick up and go without a plan of any substance. Terrifying…but freeing.

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  6. My husband, son and I drove from Alaska to Texas. It was amazing…long….but amazing. We stayed in 6 different places and saw so many things. It was a trip of a lifetime. 🙂

    But ya know what? We actually had more fun just traveling around Alaska. Going from Anchorage to Seward was our favorite. It took about 3 hours one way, but the drive was gorgeous and Seward is such a beautiful town located on the water. It reminded me of my favorite place back home in NH.

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  7. I hate road trips, I mean until I take an enjoyable one. The last one I took was to Montréal for a wedding. I was squished and miserable with two heavy sleeping children crushing all the feeling out of my legs. Lol. Nope I don’t enjoy road trips.

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  8. When our kids were age 2 and 4 we drove round Australia in a campervan. One section that stands out in my memory is crossing the Nullabor ( desert). It is flat, dry and there is no human habitation to be seen. There are places every few hundred kilometers when you can stop at a gas station, café and there are plug ins for campervans. We pulled into one and our son ( age 4) looked out and said: “We’re in the middle of nowhere!” He was right! We travelled 26,000 kilometers around Australia and it was the road trip of a lifetime.

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  9. When while walking in the road I felt the sudden urge to go to the loo and finally found one. What a relief and joy it was to arrive at the destination! Jokes aside, I’m not a keen traveller because I find voyages of any sort stressful. This said I like boat trips because I like the sea. I only had one for half a day navigating in a ship along the coast of Liguria in Italy for sightseeing and it was wonderful. I could do it everyday.


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