Let Me Ask You A Question – 1/19/17


Let me ask you a question:

Is it important to you to feel appreciated?   

32 thoughts on “Let Me Ask You A Question – 1/19/17

  1. At work, I just care that I’m appreciated by patients. And by my superiors enough to keep my job. It’s much more important to me to be appreciated by my family and friends. I don’t need affirmation, awards, or even a cookie. A sincere “thank you” is sufficient.

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  2. Being appreciated keep you doing what you are doing. I thank my husband for working so hard and supporting the household. I thank my son-in-law when he does the dishes. I thank my daughter when she cleans or cooks. And I like being thanked for a good dinner or whatever else I do.


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  3. Yes, to feel appreciated encourages me to do better, to do more and give more. Not being appreciated makes me feel that I’m wasting my time and energy and alienates me from those who don’t appreciate me. As a rule I quickly distance myself from those who don’t appreciate me if I’ve given my best. I’ve no need of them.

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    • Successful companies use a phrase “slow to hire, quick to fire.” When I find I have allowed someone who does not appreciate me to infiltrate my barrier, I am quick to fire too.


  4. At work, I have to feel appreciated, else I lose my motivation. A little appreciation from my family and loved ones never hurt and it definitely makes my day if someone appreciates my blogs! So I guess it is important for me to feel appreciated. It is the daily dose of incentive.

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  5. As I get older, appreciation depends on the context. At work, my paycheck is the only appreciation I need. My career is in it’s sunset period. During the next ten years, I’m working toward retirement and financial security. At home, it’s nice to be appreciated and I enjoy doing things that lead to appreciation by my family.

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