Perspective of Life (2015 – A to Z Challenge)

Meet Life of a Busy Dad!!

Life of a Busy Dad

It only takes one event to change your perspective of life and how you live your life.  As a father of four kids this can be an eye opener and it can be an eye opener even if you don’t have kids.

I found a “Lump” on my chest and my mind start going into overdrive. Is it just a knot or is it a cyst or is it the big bad “C” word.  I found it a month ago and I just had it removed last Saturday.  This might not be a big deal for someone that had this done but it is a big deal for me.  Someone that is perfectly healthy with four kids.

It is scary to have one and not know what it is.  The doctors can only guess what it is without a biopsy.  Even doctors can get it wrong.  And they can get…

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