60 thoughts on “Let Me Ask You A Question – 1/21/17

    1. As I have said to others, life will move forward and this little rock will continue to spin. I’ve got enough to focus on in my life than to worry about someone in D.C.

      1. It was a nice drive across town and way out in the country. I told hubby about going out to the same dump when I was little, and because it was hot and dry my dad would buying us a soda at an old mom and pop store.

  1. Spent the first half of the morning at the vet with my sick puppy and then came home and took a much needed nap. Now I’m making a snack for my daughters and watching the Babadook on Netflix. 😄

  2. Like any other day. I spend all days alike including Christmas and new year’s eve. Once I went out of my house and saw all the shops closed. I was puzzled because it wasn’t Sunday so I asked a passer by and he told me that it was Christmas.

  3. I treated myself to the movies, “Sleepless” was my flick of choice. I then treated myself to lunch. I came home and got to work on my 3rd book and now I’m relaxing before I make a phone call, then do some reading. 😊

      1. I work with it until I’m tired, so not really. I started fresh today, got 24 pages. Tomorrow, I’ll see how far I get. 😊

  4. My husband and I drove down to Wellington ( about an hour’s drive) to have brunch at a marvelous deli style restaurant, had our favorite things to eat there and then went over to the Global Dressage show grounds where I took photos to experiment with a new camera lens and my husband took our little dog for a walk and then they both had a nap in the car until I was finished. Fabulous day!

  5. I worked 1 – 10pm, chatting along with many happy and some unhappy people, handing out access to the site and tickets for special guests, while trying to keep up to date about what’s actually happening on the courts…

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