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  1. A bully is someone who makes someone else feel bad for whatever reason (they could be insecure, or they feel bad so they want to spread that feeling with others). This could be with words, or getting physical. 😬😬

    1. I have made people feel bad before, but i wouldn’t consider it bullying. I could tell someone a truth which makes them feel bad, but doesn’t qualify as being a bully. I see bullying as someone who targets another human being and then uses physical or emotional abuse to intimidate.

  2. My first clear memory of a bully who formed the definition was on TV. When I wa in First Grade, when I got home from school my mother had the TV on. It was the Army-McCarthy Hearings. Joe McCarthy still defines “bully” for me. I saw a man who cruelly destroyed people simply because he had the power to do so.

  3. Someone who crushes you for no reason, other than to make themselves feel better, although, in honesty they won’t ever feel better, because they really hate themselves. Verbally, mentally, physically, emotionally and financially abusive (not necessarily all of these). Someone who hurts others and it makes them happy to do so. Someone who likes their life filled with drama – so much so, they thrive on it. Then comes the flying monkeys who are just as guilty as the bully (or bullies), because they are giving him/her encouragement to continue with his/her awful ways.

  4. Someone who gets pleasure out of making others feel bad about themselves. A bully is someone who thrives in seeing people hurt, either emotionally or physically. A weak individual who tries to feel better by making others feel worse. Those are my first thoughts. But then there is so much going into creating a bully. Most likely the bully is belittled too. Most likely they are made feel bad as well and unfortunately they just pass it on. Some thoughts about it here (if I may): https://amommasview.wordpress.com/2014/09/18/who-is-the-real-bully/

  5. Anyone who takes advantage of their position, be it power or size or strength or status, to make another feel like less of a person. In reality, I believe those who bully are nothing more than cowards who feel inept themselves, and belittle or suppress another to compensate for their own shortcomings.

  6. I would say a bully is a person who chooses to target something specific about another person and berate them abusively for it in a way that causes emotional harm.

  7. Bullying could also be a projection of one’s pain on to others. A way of making others pay for what was done to them in the past. They develop intense hate for those who hurt them in turn they become just like those they hate.

  8. In my view a bully is somebody who belittles and abuses others verbally or physically in order to feel and look bigger, stronger, cleverer or more important. Bullyism is a mental disorder. It can masquerade an inferiority complex, envy, fear, lack of self analysis, ignorance and an obsession with controlling others. I also think that some people may be genetically predisposed to being bullies although the wrong environment and upbringing are the main factors. Bullies to a lesser or larger degree are basically psychopaths lacking emotional and social intelligence as well as empathy and compassion for others. The cure for bullying lays in proper education especially at an earlier age. Unfortunately at school they teach many subjects but not emotional and social intelligence.

  9. Bullying… telling my son repeatedly throughout the school year that he is retarded, an idiot and doesn’t belong around the kids at his school. pushed into bushes simply for trying to retrieve a ball for someone and told he’ll never be ‘cool’ because a doctor had to cut into his brain so there ‘is something wrong with you.’ Yep, that is what he/we have been dealing with all year. He did respond once by saying ‘it’s ok, they just say that because they don’t feel good about themselves so they have to be mean to others to make themselves feel better” It still hurts him. Middle school is brutal.

  10. There are many ways a bully or a group (I would consider also) can bully another. I think a problem is the caretakers of children who have no idea how to handle the situation. I wrote a little about this before when it was more timely in my family. Even adults in offices or manual jobs suffer abuse from bullies. But when a child is involved, it is just sad, and frustrating. The why’s of how the bully got that way may be sad also, but I’m more concerned about the people I love.

  11. Someone who aggressively tries to impose their beliefs or will on you with the threat of repercussions if you don’t agree. This can be a school bully, a boss, a coworker, and, believe it or not, a politician.

  12. I think a bully is someone who causes pain….emotional, mental or physical. It’s someone that for some reason has more power than you which they use to impose their will. It could be money, status, size or even confidence. Anything that gives them the upper hand.

      1. Ya know, there are such varying degrees of picking on that that one is hard to answer. Personally I don’t think being called a name on the playground is the same as being relentlessly teased day in and day out. I think the term bully has been taken too far. BUT I was bullied over 30 years ago to the point that I had to changes schools to make it stop. I still get sick thinking about it. So I guess it’s a personal thing and only the person being picked on knows for sure what it is.

      2. You hit the nail on the head of this question: the term bully has been taken too far. My nephews (9 and 12) have stated on several occasions that someone called them a name and then said “he’s such a bully.” I have noticed this trend. Each situation is unto itself, but I think in society’s efforts to bring awareness to the issue, we have made kid’s hypersensitive to what bullying truly is. Being called a name is not necessarily bullying. Mean, yes.

      3. I agree. I guess what concerns me is how quick society uses the word bully. I only bring this up for discussion. I don’t think there is a wrong or right answer.

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