Weekly Vlog: Donald Trump, Booger Eaters and Sniffing Farts

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18 thoughts on “Weekly Vlog: Donald Trump, Booger Eaters and Sniffing Farts

  1. You really nailed it on the state of American media. They only seek to create controversy, which creates cash for themselves! Your political views seem to reflect my own – socially liberal and fiscally conservative. Anyone searching for a political middle path should look into the Libertarian Party. They’re not perfect, but at least they’re not deranged extremists! Good work, Dan!

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  2. I love how you summed this up into two categories…lol. I have a broadcast journalism background, and the more I studied and observed, I realized (as a young woman) that viewers only get a snapshot of what’s really going on. I learned (as a young woman) to be more discerning and hungry for the truth. As an educator, I taught my juniors and seniors to consider the source of all information and to seek the truth. I hope I planted seeds that fell on good soil. Great post…proud of you, brother. ❤

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    • I hope the seeds sprout as well. Too many people form opinions from Facebook stories. Many of my friends did it about Pres. Obama and then went so far as to insult the man. Like I said, I don’t know him and I’m sure he is a fine man. My sister worked for his campaign in 2008 and said he is really nice. The fools of the world are led by emotion and assumption.


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