Five things…….

This is Tripping Through Treacle!!

Tripping Through Treacle

When I told Hubs that I was going to write a blog post about the 5 things that multiple sclerosis has given me, he was incredulous. ’Whathas it given you? It should be the 5 things it has taken away’.

I could write a novel about the things multiple sclerosis has taken away from me – and maybe one day I will! Life isbloody difficultmuch harder now, but maybe reflecting on a few of the good things that come out of having a chronic illness like MS will help me and others to feel a bit more positive. So, here goes….

I appreciate the little things

Sounds cheesy, but there is nothing like a diagnosis of MS and the symptoms that go along with it to make you appreciate when things are good. Peonies. Sitting in the sunshine with Hubs in Amsterdam, celebrating our 10th wedding anniversary…

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