Implications of War

This is Th3 Platform!!

Th3 Platform

To no fault of their own, your average day citizen does not follow politics in great detail. There are plenty of other things to focus on understandably. For those of us who do though, we see tensions developing at a level we haven’t seen in decades. I truly believe a third world war is inevitable. That’s not doomsday hysteria, but a reality I believe is about to hit hard within the next decade or so. There are many possibilities about what will actually set off the chain reaction. Tensions are rising in various regions and between various countries so I do not know exactly which shall result in a full-scale war. Let’s take a look at the triggers in order of most likely.

Before I begin, there is an underlying pattern to these tensions. A globalist government has been pushed for at least the past century or so. To facilitate…

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