What do I do with all of this information?

This is Oaktown Vibes!!

Genius Unbound

We livein one of the most historical times in human history. Information is all around us, realizing our dreams and our goals has never been more possiblein other time period than this. What keeps us captive is our own self belief and the limitations that we allow others to place on us.

Today, you can start a business with absolutely no money down, all you need is a wifi connection, a computer or a smart phone. I don’t believe in limits, I literally believe that all things are possible to the one who has a healthy mind. Money is never a problem, resources are never a problem…the mind is the problem. The mind has to be programmed to believe that there is no such thing as excuses, its has to be programmed into believing that the only answer is positiveresults.

Before any information can become useful to us, we have…

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