A Healthy Body and Mind

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I read this quote a few times before it completely sunk in. Our bodies don’t decide how we live. But our bodies certainly do reflect our lifestyle and the choices that we make.

I’m not talking just about eating healthful foods instead of junk food. Or even about exercising, drinking lots of water, getting enough sleep, and not smoking. These habits are a major part of overall health. But they’re not everything.

You can run five miles a day, substitute quinoa for white rice, carrot sticks for Cheetos, and drink two liters of water, yet still feel unhealthy and unhappy.

Attention must be paid to good mental and emotional health, as well as being physically fit.

Mind, body, spirit.

For me, this means feeling happy and fulfilled. Having a purpose. Using my talents in a constructive way, to improve my life and help others. It means having a strong marriage…

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