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      1. It’s not showing up in Reader view. Had to go directly to your site. Hmm… I cannot of anything right off hand. I’m have to sit with this one a while.

  1. I have. I was in highschool and worked as a cashier. One day my till was 50 under. Exactly. A manager that I really liked and thought liked me questioned me about it. The number being so perfect…I thought they thought I stole it. Of course I didn’t. Nothing ever came of it so I thought I was being sensitive and that he knew I would never.

    Years later I saw him again at the same store. I’d moved on and we were catching up for a minute. He actually said…Remember that time your till was 50 short? I couldn’t believe he even remembered that. It had easily been 2 years if not more. Obviously he thought I took it. It made me feel so sad that he would.

      1. Apparently. I can fathom why else he would bring it up. This was no mom and pop shop either. I was one of probably 20 cashiers. It really hurt my feelings because I liked him so much and as a young girl I was devastated that he would think that about me.

  2. Yes, I once told a friend of mine not to sell his house. Instead he eventually sold it and after having realized the mistake that he did he accused me of having urged him to sell it. Naturally I immediately severed all contacts with him. Another time one friend to whom I had found a flat in the same building where I live, not an easy thing in London, after a while that he lived there accused me of telling bad things about him to our landlord. I wasn’t in the least true so I immediately severed the friendship with him and never spoke to him anymore. Eventually I realized that both were suffering from paranoia that most probably had acquired due to personal problems. Since then I have become an expert in spotting people with paranoia and in avoiding them. I think that nowadays in our dysfunctional modern, selfish and alienating society there are many people around with various degree of paranoia.

  3. Of course. In a family of four, someone always finishes something in the fridge and doesn’t bring more up from the garage. Said person is usually my forgetful mum but my dad blames my brother or I.

  4. Yes! I worked at Costco when I was younger and this old lady accused me stealing her credit card! She wouldn’t stop yelling at me and my manager had to come out and calm her down. Next thing you a customer walks up and says mam you dropped your credit card by the front door!!!! She didn’t even apologize to me and just walked off. How rude! She made me cry.

    1. That is why it is important to be aware of how you treat others. Not so much in the accusation, but definitely in taking the time to apologize. People can suck sometimes.

  5. I got robbed taking money to the bank one time! My store manager knew I didn’t do it, but I think the district suspected me. Thankfully I left soon after on maternity leave and didn’t go back!

    1. Sounds like they need tighter systems in how they handle their money. Putting employees in danger by sending them out of the business with cash could cost them more than loss of funds.

  6. Yes, very often and by my mother. It’s the one thing that manages to keep my up at night because I never understand why she would go down that track… But it’s something I can’t change as she seems to lo this game. So far though I was always able to prove that it was all made up…

      1. I happened over the last 15 years over and over again. I found excuses for her behavior again and again but have realized that I don’t have to find them anymore as it can’t be excused nor understood. It’s just the way she ticks. It’s that toxic people problem. If they are not family it’s much easier to get them out of your life… and out of your mind.

      2. I’m glad you said it…unfortunately, family can be toxic also. And it is almost impossible to not allow them to have an impact on your life.

      3. Very hard to cut them out of your life. In my case I gave second chance after second chance after second chance. Countless times I hung up the phone after a conversation with her and was in tears, deeply hurt by one of her theories. Or stepped away from my laptop after reading one of her hurting messages. When we were back early last year because of my Dad who then passed away she spoiled the kids rotten. Trying to get them on her side to team up against me… who would do such a thing??? Thankfully they are not stupid. And thankfully I have come a long way. She still finds little ways into my mind and my heart but I manage to block it out quicker and not let her hurt me that much anymore. A d for the kids… well they consider only one of their Grandmothers a real Grandma and that’s my wonderful mother in law.

      4. It all had a massive impact on my confidence. Some reactions I have are triggered by this relationship and it takes a lot of focus to not fall back in old behavior. A good friend of mine who is a psychologist once told me that some people have their own reality. They see things the way they want to see them. i.e. My mother always wanted me to be unhappy in my relationship with my husband. It’s as if someone sees a white plate that as a black plate. No matter what people tell that person they will never see that plate the way it truly is because it just doesn’t fit the way they want it to be. At least that’s how my psychologist friend explained it to me… It sort of helps me deal with the situation. It took pressure off of me trying to make her see that things are very different. Less pressure. But it still gets to me sometimes. As a mother my only wish is for my children to be happy. She has lost control over me and my life and that is the where the entire issue lies. She grieves that loss and refuses to see that I live a good and happy life. It’s something that you simply can’t understand or explain. For me it’s one of the lessons I have to learn in my life and I guess it’s also something my children obviously “have” to learn. Sometimes you just can’t make everyone happy…

      5. The first thing that comes to my mind is that type of person obviously does not spend time in personal contemplation and introspection. I may not always have clear perspective, but I am grateful that I have the ability to contemplate my own self-awareness.

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