“Nobody Posts Their B-sides!”

This is Being Lydia. ***Trigger Warning***

Being Lydia!

clarabannerTrigger Warning: Suicidal Thoughts

I was watching NCIS (the original series) tonight. A young man is seen in a car with his dad. They are having a bit of a heated conversation along the lines of the son not being able to meet the dad’s expectations. The dad gets out of the car to go across the street and get money from an ATM to help out his son who was just laid off from his job.

The dad is hit by a fast moving van and instantly dies. You see the son crying over his dad’s body as it goes into opening credits.  The Dad is a Navy officer (and hero) which makes the son feel all the more unworthy.

When the NCIS team gets there the son is nowhere to be found. The only reason they know he was there is an elderly lady who was at the…

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