Animal Shelter OOTD

One More Shot Please is pulling on my heart strings!!


Yesterday, I went to the animal shelter with some friends to pet the cutest kittens known to man (probably not but they were cute, okay). Their magical puny paws in my hands and soft fur against my skin felt almost too mollifying. No one can resist but fall madly in love with these cuddly creatures. I was tempted to adopt a tabby of brown and gray shades named Corinne.

This little kitten had the charm of a 2-year-old, initially shy, but very playful when comfortable enough. Unfortunately, my parents aren’t too comfortable with the idea of having a living, breathing animal roaming the house amongst us. Someday when I have my own apartment, maybe my dream of owning a kitten, or maybe becoming a cat lady will come true. Au revoir Corinne!

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One thought on “Animal Shelter OOTD

  1. I’m a cat lady. From my own experience I can tell you, cats are awesome, nothing beats the purring snuggle moments. Also of note, cats are brats & are much like having spoiled children running about, only with claws (that ruin some of your stuff, but they’re cute & sweet when they want to be, so you will forgive them). 🙂

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