Boundless Challenge #4

This is Confessions of a Reborn Girl!!

The Boundless Agenda

Based on this way this challenge has been going so far, I decided to change my approach a little bit. At the end of each week, I’m going to nominate blog posts that echo surpassing expectations. Because I see all these amazing stories on here each day and I want you lovelies to experience them too. However, you’re still open to share your #boundlessmoments, I know that I will for sure. Without further ado…

My #boundlessmoment this week would have to be when I did some relief printing in my Art class! 

I carved into the stone on the right and pressed the image onto the paper on the left

It’s easy to do I promise. All it requires is a pencil and some charcoal to draw the design on transfer paper, a soft block of clay to carve into, and a X-acto knife to cut away the design.

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