Let Me Ask You A Question – 1/28/17


Let me ask you a question:

What is the worst job you’ve ever worked?   

69 thoughts on “Let Me Ask You A Question – 1/28/17

  1. I’ve always subscribed to the position that there is no unworthy work, no job that is beneath trying to do well. There are exceptions, but they tend to be illegal or just wrong. So, given that, what was my worst job? When I dropped out of college in 1967 I called an employment agency and they offered me a job with them. It was on commission. I had to use a “pro mane” because my full last name was too long. They gave me a client to try to place, with part of that activity being to get more job listings. The client was trained in accounting, but had no phone, so if I did get him an interview I would have to send him a post card. That meant I couldn’t just call him and tell him to go to an interview. Surprise, none of the potential employers wanted to deal with that. He was essentially replaceable unless i could have had him sitting in the office ready to go. I did get some listings, but didn’t get paid for those, only for successful placements. I lasted two weeks.

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  2. Did construction,fliped burgers in Burger King, gardener the list of crappy jobs go on.
    But one that made me actually feel bad was working in a calling center, we had to call and sell “death”insurance to the old people. And these old people that are alone in their home for the most part started talking to you about their life, and me trying to sell them the end of their life. Although I was good, I did chit chat too much according to the superiors,actually it was more listening to them, that’s what they wanted a person to listen, so I didn’ t make as many calls as they wanted, but I did get them signed up more than others that went to quick and called too much.

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  3. Working at a call center but I’ve worked at three. One was selling newspaper subscriptions (I lasted 8 months at this one), doing surveys (one time they told me to go home because I wasn’t getting any surveys and I never went back) and people calling to complain about their bill (I lasted almost 2 years at this one). They treat you like crap and write you up for every little thing. I needed to buy my son diapers so I put up with it. My last job at a newspaper sucked too but it was mostly because I couldn’t stand my manager. I wanted to choke her every single day. LOL. They kind of did me a favor by laying me off. It was inside sales for the classified department. I didn’t really like it though.

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    • I worked at the newspaper in outside sales for 6 months before my recent promotion. My experience was positive. And you are about the 20th person today to cite working at a call center as their worst job ever. lol

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  4. the absolute worst job was when I worked at an ice cream factory in the warehouse stacking product. there was a freezer fan right where we were working blowing Arctic cold air right where I was working. it was so bitter cold there despite the cold wether gear tht they gave me to wear.

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  5. Have to be retail – I did four years after retiring, just so that I was doing something. It was horrendous, I never realised how rude people could be, how badly they treated those in the service industry. Their impatience, and the nasty comments they made loudly when they were left in line while someone else was attended to (in other words I was doing the job I had been paid to do). I left because I didn’t want to deal with those people any more. Never regretted walking away.

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  6. When I first moved to New Orleans, I was desperate for a job. My buddy hooked me up with someone and got me work at a market research firm. Cold calls to ask survey questions, offering cash and free products from various companies looking for feed sack. I was giving people free shit and money, yet they instantly thought I was a telemarketer selling something. It was hell. I was cussed, called worthless, told I should die. About 3 months of it was all I could take.

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  7. I have 2 of them – the chicken factory (wouldn’t eat or have chicken in the house for years) and the customer service rep in a call center for a bank (people and their money are nasty and we had just undergone a semi-successful takeover of our local bank and they ruined it).

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  8. Oh, I have had several! Right after college I worked 3rd shift at a drug testing lab. I tested urine samples every night for drugs. Not fun when you spill : ( I also had a job in a pharmaceutical company putting bottles on a conveyor belt to be filled with insulin – All Day. I did to through training and learn how to drive a forklift though. Once I worked at a call center for the either Democratic or Republican National Committee (I’ll let you guess), where I called retired people and asked them for donations. It was horrible! I only worked there one day – couldn’t stomach it! I have also worked in the education field where I have had to pick up human feces, kill a snake, help catch baby foxes that were in a drain pipe, been kicked in the stomach, head-butted, urinated on, punched in the face, and had my own things in my office thrown at me. That’s just scratching the surface. When I put all this together it makes me want to take a nap – a long nap….

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  9. I started out my career as a computer programmer and I worked at an accounting software company. My first day, two other programmers were having a disagreement over some code and got into a fight in the hallway. I told my boss about it and he said, “Oh, that happens all the time here.” I found a new job within a week and turned in my resignation. No one should take work that seriously.

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