What’s wrong in this picture?

This is Who’s My Favorite Today??!!

Who's My Favorite Today?

This is a picture of the bathroom in the Barbie Dream House that Kate got for Christmas.  She loves it and I am recruited to play with her and the house often these days.  As I was playing with her the other day, it dawned on me that I do not remember my dollhouses having toilets when I grew up…..  Maybe they did, but I just don’t remember.

This is a little troubling to me.  I understand all the other rooms and the furniture….  The kitchen has the table, refrigerator, stove.  The Barbies can make food, have dinner parties, etc…..  The family room has the TV, couch, etc….  I can understand and easily come up with stories to role play in that room.

Then we get to the bathroom…..  I am fine with the Barbies taking baths, washing their faces at the sink, brushing their teeth….  But do we have…

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2 thoughts on “What’s wrong in this picture?

  1. Oh. When you asked “What’s wrong with this picture?” I wanted to answer ‘ Pink. As in: too much pink.’
    Good thing I read your post… I think adding the toilet prevents the child’s question, “why is there no toilet in barbie’s bathroom?”

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