Let Me Ask You A Question – 1/30/17


Let me ask you a question:

Do you go on adventures with your significant other?   

64 thoughts on “Let Me Ask You A Question – 1/30/17

  1. Not as much here in TX as we did in Alaska. But to be fair….there were many, many more places to go for an adventure in AK. We live in a VERY boring place. Add to that that we just got a car with A/C a few months ago so going on adventures may be more appealing now. It was way too hot to go anywhere you didn’t have to in a car with no A/C!

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  2. We go for drives to get out of the house. A few months ago. We found a Memorial park in this town we came across for their Fallen Soldiers. They had a tank there. (My husband was tanker). I snapped a picture of my husband and son reading the plaque. My husband put the picture up on Fb as his banner photo. No one recognized where we were. It was fun. We stepped out of our box!

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  3. We used to more often but not as much anymore. He’s in nursing school so he has to spend a lot of time studying. It’s really hard sometimes but I support his decision. I’m sure we’ll get to later on in time.

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  4. I’ve been married for 32 years, so the adventures have been numerous. We were marred for 15 years before we adopted children, so we had a lot of time to be a childless couple that could go wherever we wanted. Then, after 25 years, we had a baby and that was an adventure in itself. Because my job involves travel all over the U.S., I always try to sneak my wife away for a weekend here or there wherever I’m working. We just had an adventure in Key West and it was fun, even after all these years.

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