20 thoughts on “Can You Go 24 Hours Without Doing This?

      • I try to only complain about things that I intend to try to change – I believe that it’s alright if you take action, but sitting on one’s backside moaning about things and never doing anything about them is one of my pet hates 😉

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      • I never paid attention to my complaining. I knew I complained but didn’t think about how it affected me or those around me. Now when I hear someone who complains constantly I actually feel for them. It’s a sign of unhappiness.

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      • I lived with someone for many years who complained about everything and everyone, seemingly constantly. I found it incredibly draining and it made me very down. It is a sign of unhappiness – but there has to be a willingness to change things or it is incredibly destructive.

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      • I have actually looked back on my behavior and felt awful for dragging Evelina through that. She deserves better which is what I realized and why i changed. 🙂


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