52 thoughts on “Let Me Ask You A Question – 1/31/17

  1. God has created no other person like me!! The combination of my DNA will never happen again. Other than that, you can consider the following. Tall, blonde, blue eyes, swimmer, middle child, diagnosed with MS, former teacher, former nonprofit executive, and an overall awesome person!!

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  2. Everything that I have been through, the family I was given, good and bad, the time of day and the specific day I was born, the curl of my hair, the tone of my voice, the curve of face.. etc. . The knowledge I have or have yet to learn, can only be mine unless I share it. I am nothing less than a a perfect unique chocolate snowflake!

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  3. The fact that whatever I do is always different from the way that other people do them. I never follow the crowd. I think that far too many people could be defined as clones of each other and for this reason easy to be manipulated by social engineering forces such as the media collective ideologies, religions politics, fashionable trends, marketing, consumerism etcetera. Although they say that each individual is different I cannot always see such differences in many people. Overall the masses are quite alike, individuals with distinct personalities and independent thinking are quite rare.

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    • It is funny you would ask because I have spent all day yesterday thinking about it. I have a flat spot on the top of my bald head you could lay a platter on. lol The number one thing I believe make me unique would be my genuine nature. I have a sense of humor that brings me to tears laughing every day. But at the same time I laugh, I have a serious side which has incredible drive and ambition. 🙂

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  4. I like to eat Flamin’ hot Cheetos with nacho cheese, I like to watch the History Channel non-stop, I can only write my upcoming book in the early morning, I listen to Sade and jazz whenever I want to write something good, I’m reserved not shy but I can get mean if I’m provoked. I’m a hard worker. When I fall in love, I fall really hard. I could talk about music and sports for hours. I like to try new recipes and beer. I enjoy gardening. Ok I think that’s enough. Lol.

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    • Let me ask you a question…are there other full-time moms in the world? But there is only one YOU…so I’m gonna push you to think a little deeper. What makes you unique?


    • Glad you enjoyed it! Evelina has agreed to do one vlog like that each week. This Saturday we are going to show everyone around our “downtown” area. It’s a lot like Mayberry. lol


  5. I would say my DNA, but that is too simple. At times I don’t feel unique as I work for a company with 200,000 practitioners, but at times I still do. We recently had a project that utilized a software product that no one else among all of those practitioners had ever used except me. Not sure if that just makes me unique or old.

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