Word Swag and Some Rilke

I would like you to meet Ann Cavitt Fisher!!

Ann Cavitt Fisher

Good morning everyone — a short coffee post to share a great iPhone/iPad app for creating custom text layouts for social media.  Word Swag has been around for awhile, but I used it for the first time yesterday. I’m a big Photoshop user, and have been going back to version 5.5 in the late nineties. I love Photoshop . . . and I’ve taught college students how to use it for years.

But Word Swag is an easy-to-use app that does its job beautifully, and it means I can be out with only my iPad and capable of producing and uploading social media content very easily.

My first Word Swag image. My first Word Swag image.

There are several other similar apps that might interest you, too, described here on Social Quant, and if you are want a quick tutorial on how to use Word Swag, try this one by Brian G. Johnson.

As an aside…

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