It’s Only Monday…

Welcome to Mellix Life!!

Mellix Life

Earlier tonight…

Aaron (yelling from the living room): “I just got Squirrel Girl’s helicopter on Lego Marvel Super Hero Avengers.”

Me: “That’s great buddy.”


Aaron (whispers): “I’m going to clean up this mess.”

He walks into my room.

Aaron: “I have 3 words. Where is the towel? No, no, no. I have 4 words. Where is a towel?

Me: “Over there. How big is this mess?” Pointing to a laundry basket of clean clothes.

Aaron: “Big.”

Welcome back to Aaron’s magical world. A world where he’s striving to become the champion of messes. Will he win for most spilled drinks in one week? I think he has a shot, folks.

Oh, you missed the last spill? Check this out…Brunch & Paper Towels.

Why are kids so messy? I would be happy if they at least contained it. They have a decent size bedroom. Just for the two…

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