Where Do Babies Come From?

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Who's My Favorite Today?

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Warning – the post below contains conversations explaining sex to my children.  If you do not want to read…. Stop now!

A few years back, Brooke(now 15 yr. old) was in in 2nd grade around the age of 7 or 8 when she asked the dreaded question: “Where do babies come from?”  Noooooo!  I thought I had WAY more time before this question came up.

Let me set the scene – It was around 7am and I was driving the girls to school.  I was an administrator at an elementary school and both the girls were in school there – Avery in 5th grade and Brooke in 2nd grade.  Both girls were in the back seat of the car as I drove.  I had not had the “sex conversation” with Avery, even though she was almost 10.  I knew I should have it soon, but had just not…

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