Let Me Ask You A Question – 2/7/17


Let me ask you a question:

Do you eat healthy? **

**In this instance, healthy is defined as eating fresh vegetables, lean protein, fresh fruits, etc. 80% of the time or a similar regimen.

70 thoughts on “Let Me Ask You A Question – 2/7/17

  1. We certainly try, but with crazy schedules and little time on most days, it’s a bit difficult. We do grow a garden, we can those veggies or freeze them, the meat we use comes from our farm or other neighbors’ farms, etc. But, sometimes we have a takeout pizza or a burger out. We try, that’s my answer. 😃

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  2. Extremely healthy and simply but also enjoyably and mostly organic. Very little sugar, no meat, rarely dairies, one coffee only a day in the morning, a good balance of fresh and cooked foods and no foods laced with pesticides, growth hormones or other nasty stuffs. Besides I’m the controversial cook am I? The magician of food who can have conversations with food as I have with people, let alone talking about it. Which means that no market, hype, ads and know it all nutritional gurus can fool me. In my view eating well and healthily accounts for 70 to 80 % of human health that is more than any other health promoting factors but mastering how to eat is a difficult art that has nothing to do with super foods, gluten avoidance, vitamins and minerals pills and other misleading rubbish. http://controversialcook.com/

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  3. More than usual. My boyfriend has to lose weight because he has high blood pressure. I try to eat better with him. I’ve been eating more fruits and vegetables since last year. We still eat pizza and other junk here and there though. My son likes fruit but very few vegetables.

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  4. Over the last year we have changed our diets dramatically. Steve is a picky eater so it’s been challenging to find healthy foods all three of us will eat, but we’ve stuck with it and we’ve found creative ways to figure it out. I’d say we meet your 85% of the time requirement to say yes!

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      • It’s really hard to do. I’ve gone vegetarian twice and while I love it, it’s not practical for me at this point. I cook for 3 so it’s not cost effective for me to be the only one eating that way. Never mind the amount of time it takes to plan it. I still eat less meat than anyone else in my family and if it works to omit the meat from a meal for me…I do…and I don’t eat meat with breakfast or lunch….so I feel pretty good about the compromise. It helps that we’re not big red meat eaters. Plus, I kinda think it’s healthiest to eat the best of the best from each food group. Instead of cutting any one out completely.

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  5. Yes, I try to make conscious choices to eat food that is supportive of my health and fitness goals. Sometimes I screw up and give in to some pizza and ice cream, but last month I started a new plan that blew my mind away. I joined an FB group called “Lose 5 pounds in 7 days” hosted by coach Scott Colby and it’s really a great plan. He’s a great coach, very motivating. He gave me the drive I needed to start the year off right. This is the link- https://www.facebook.com/groups/736440483171558/?fref=ts

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  6. Probably 60%of the time because there are hormonal times that don’t want to hear anything about salads. Otherwise I enjoy salads and lots of vegetables, a few fruits and lots of whole grains with no dairy. Yes there is meat in there from time to time.

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  7. Rats. You defined healthy. I was going to say that if by healthy, you meant enthusiastically, I would say yes. As for the vegetables…are French fries a vegetable. I just love food. I need to turn this around. In spite of my eating, I’ve managed to lose 40 pounds over the past 5 years or so.

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  8. I can say that yes I do eat healthy at least 80% of the time. However I do like sweets and every day I usually indulge in a cookie, or dessert or something sweet. And…I refuse to eat kale. Just because! It is too darned trendy for me.

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  9. My health and body make me eat a healthy diet. The moment I have a bit of ice cream or french fries, my stomach, etc. start rebelling. So I stick to steamed veggies, salads (with some chicken is fine), gluten free baked goods and protein shakes.

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