Let Me Ask You A Question – 2/9/17


Let me ask you a question:

Would you be willing to spend 1 day living the life of someone who is oppressed?  

53 thoughts on “Let Me Ask You A Question – 2/9/17

  1. Well I’m pretty damn oppressed by my parents. But that’s fine. I express myself in the ways they don’t see and can’t control. And one day I’ll be free anyway.

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    • Ha! I saw a video the other day in which a professor asked a predominantly white group of students if they would trade places with someone of color in the U.S. and no one raised there hand. It really got me thinking.

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  2. I do everyday. I don’t think 99%of people would trade with me. I know people who answer probably have no idea how any of the “isms” you mentioned effect every decision of your life and how it is a constant weight on you shoulders. Thinking about where you can and can’t go without consequence. Whether you will or won’t get the job, apartment, health insurance, how healthy you eat, car loan, affordable mortgage because of who you are as if you can change it.

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    • Trudy, I am so so so glad you commented because this is exactly my point. I don’t believe people would trade places either. I think the “right” answer to give is to say “Oh yeah I’ll trade places” because it’s the moral thing to do, but I don’t believe most would actually trade places.

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      • Yes and Jane Elliott is a fucking Saint because her experiments cut to the truth of my experience of being in this country and navigating the bullshit everyday. Nobody could truly understand what minorities go through until she started doing those classes, way back when. I posted some of her videos last year when the uproar over Black Lives Matter happened and no one would directly address it because it made them uncomfortable and I could care less about any body’s comfortable when it means lives every day.

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      • And I’m not referring to your question only, I am responding to my current interactions as an “other” as far as the Jane Elliott experiments. I’m sorry if my comment was confusing.

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      • No it wasn’t confusing at all. I think the honest answer for the majority of people is “no I would not.” Which is an automatic sign that there is a problem. Elliott says “you don’t want that treatment for you, so why are you so willing to allow it to happen to others?”

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      • But people are perfectly willing to let it go on as long as they’re comfortable. If you point it out you’re a troublemaker or a thug because white fragility is most important. The thing that perplexes me is that on Sunday you will pretend to be a good Christian letting innocents go hungry, homeless and be killed because you refuse to actually follow the teachings of the man you are supposedly following. And of course I don’t mean you personally, Danny. The Ku Klux Klan was in church every Sunday morning and burned crosses on lawns Sunday night. Interesting, right?

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      • It is an interesting behavior. I have often wondered how Christians would view Jesus today if he showed up. My guess is that the vast majority wouldn’t recognize him. First, because he was Arab, he wouldn’t be allowed to travel here. lol Funny but sad too.

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  3. It would be good to have a better awareness of that struggle. I think all of us, unless we are at the absolute top of the food chain, suffer some type of oppression. Whether it’s at work or within a family. This does not, however, compare to the religious or political oppression that people in other countries suffer. My grandparents came from Italy at the start of the 20th century and suffered the kind of oppression that those who are viewed as different suffer today. I think my ability to deal and help eradicate this type of situation would be enhanced by experiencing it.

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