What Makes You Think You’re So Different Than Everyone Else?

dream-big-printWhat is it that defines you?  What sets you apart?  I am often perplexed when people cannot answer the simplest of questions about themselves, yet can speak at length about the latest fashion trend or political drama.

I wonder why people struggle answering these questions.  Why is it that we can be so entranced by the goings-on in the world and so disconnected with ourselves?  We are familiar with every character on television, but we don’t know ourselves.  Many would rather spend countless hours surrounded by the noise of the world, than spend 1 hour alone with themselves.

Do you know who you are?  Do you know what makes you unique?  And I’m not talking about generic answers, but detailed, introspective revelations.  What makes you, you?  What makes you think you are so different than everyone else?  The fact that you are unique is not in question for no two humans are alike.  But do you own the facts of what makes you different than any other human on the planet?

Could it be that it is time for you to spend so time with yourself?

33 thoughts on “What Makes You Think You’re So Different Than Everyone Else?

  1. What makes me me? Wow Danny that’s a big question and at 51 and currently going through a lot of introspection I’m still trying to work that out. We all change throughout our lives, put on different hats and masks according to our environment. Fundamentally I know what my values are and they’re solid and meaningful. I know what I stand for and that’s good, peace and making a difference to those around me. How am I different? In a way I’m not at all different and yet I’m completely different.

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  2. This has been the work I’ve been doing for the past 8 years. For me it was a matter of wanting to live not just survive. Its a big deal to look inside and figure out who you are (in the sense you are talking about) Sometimes we see things we need to change, because who we are in no longer working. Its a commitment. I have had people say to me, Im fine, I dont need to dig deeper. My arm chair answer to that is, A bell cannot be unrung. Once we know something it then becomes a choice to change or ignore it. So better not to ring that bell? I say, ring that bell. Grow, change, know who you are, because it helps you know why you interact and react to the world around you. Big work, great challenge. Thanks for posting this, Danny.

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  3. Good topic. Truly lots of people don’t have answers to this question. Sometimes it takes years for people to get an answer to it while for some they die without getting answers…I’m glad I have an answer to this at this stage of my life. I am me, I don’t pretend to myself, I accept my flaws , I am so many things with lots of talents to make use of when I need to. I am different because I accept the fact that I have greatness in me. My book ‘ Unveil the Eagle’ helps to crack that shell of confusion. Thanks for this post Danny.

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  4. When I was younger, I would have said I am who I am because I am an artist. That creative side flavors how I look at the world and other people. Now that I am older, I say because I am a published author, it flavors how I look at the world and other people. I’m still creative but some of what I see and hear will go into a book.

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  5. I could give you the Myers Briggs version, but I know you’re not looking for that. First and foremost I am a child of God, co-heir with Christ. I’ve been bought by his blood, and filled with the Holy Spirit. I am redeemed by grace. That’s at the core of who I am. That is deep down inside. I tried to glorify God every single day. Sometimes I’m successful and sometimes I am not. On the days that I am not, I know that he is forgiving me when I ask. I also need to walk in forgiveness of myself. And because of that, I am an overcomer. I often say that MS means Made Strong. For the last four years after my diagnosis, I really had to dig deep and find out who I was. Part of that process was writing the book. But it’s also how i relate to others. I have more peace and joy. And patience. I used to be very self-righteous about the fact that I was right. Or at least in my own mind. Now I look at the world through a different lens. I am more conscience of who I am as I show myself to the world.

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  6. My mind and my perspective of life makes me different from everyone else. I doubt I will ever meet someone who thinks like me. Yes they may agree with me on certain things but their ideas and my ideas will always defer. So what is in my mind is what makes me different.

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  7. I am me, nothing more. A work in progress as we all are. I understand my shortcomings and I am working on them so I don’t have to take a class in it the next time around. I don’t question why I am here because I have known all my life. I am a very creative person and it is through these abilities that I work to lift people up, and help people be the best version of themselves that they can.

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