Eddie, Eating Lunch and Blindness

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41 thoughts on “Eddie, Eating Lunch and Blindness

  1. Oooooh my Danny…

    You really did a good deed today..
    We sometimes just have to take a moment to listen to someone story…
    and decide if they are scammers or not..

    We tend to treat everyone we come in contact with the impression we assume..

    Our life is so full of problems too.. but.. I have learnt that no matter how bad ours are .. there is always someone with worse problems than us..

    Think twice..
    it’s another day for me and you I’m paradise…

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  2. I also, never turn anyone away who ask for food. Sometimes, when someone has asked me for money, and I’ve offered food instead, they have turned me down. And that’s okay too. They needed money, I only offer food. I wished them a good day and hoped they get what they needed for that day. Thank You for posting this today. I think it’s important that we don’t avert our eye, sometimes all we are able to give, and maybe that’s enough some days.

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  3. Amen, Danny! In the city I live in, you can’t help but pass dozens of homeless and hungry people. I prefer giving food before money if I can. I usually carry a bottle of water around so if I did open it I’ll hand it over, or a piece of fruit. To be truly hungry and thirsty is a really difficult thing.

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      • We get caught up with life and I think the different way of life where there is less interaction has us in little bubbles where we ignore a lot around us and are more self involved. And thus reminds me that I haven’t volunteered yet this year. Also I have old handbags I have to fill up with toiletries for homeless women when I pass them on my way to workout on the weekend.

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      • Yes, very self involved in some ways. I know that you already think so about milennials. But there’s a certain amount of numbness too, always need stimulation. We’ve seen and had too much, so we’re desensitized to it all. But I don’t think, it’s as bad everywhere else. People I meet from other countries still enjoy interaction, make time for it and cherish it.

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  4. This really touched my heart. Actually brought me to tears. THANK YOU for being a kind soul to this man. If I see someone begging I always stop. Sometimes people get annoyed and say things like, “he’s only going to use that money to buy alcohol” to which I reply, I don’t know what they are using it for, but I DO know I have it to give and he is there BEGGING. I can’t turn a blind eye and the Bible clearly tells us sometimes we are entertaining angels and we don’t even know it. I’ve also over time tried to be more aware and offer my presence, my smile, small talk to those around me. We are such a self-absorbed society it seems, we can check out at the store and never even look if it’s a man or woman helping us. Now I make a conscious effort to smile, make small talk, ask about their day. I’m standing in line anyhow- might as well try to shine some love in our dark world. It’s actually pretty awesome the response (and shock) you get from people doing this… especially when they are wearing a name tag and you use their name. It’s kind of like “wow, someone cares.” Thanks for this great reminder today, Danny!!!! 😍😍😍😍😍😍😍😍

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  5. Good job! I carry bills in my car to those on street corners. I try to use discretion. If the light is red, I go for it, if it’s green and there’s lots of traffic and I know it’s a short light, then I might not.
    We have a city of campers at the base of our hill behind the house. One neighbor always complains about it, but the rest let them be. I know one family works as I can see them get up and go and I’ve seen them return. It just happens to be what they can do. YES! to all of your reasons. What is that saying, about “walking a mile in my shoes”?

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