Let Me Ask You A Question – 2/12/17


Let me ask you a question:

If we believe “innocent until proven guilty”, then why are we so quick to rush to judgement?  

39 thoughts on “Let Me Ask You A Question – 2/12/17

  1. Because we all judge, while it isn’t a part of our true human nature, we all do it, and more times than not without any true information other than what we know by what we see and hear. As humanity learns to be more compassionate and understanding, the current way of being and doing things is changing. It starts with one person, and like dominoes it goes to the next. As individuals learn that judging is only a reflection of our own self-doubt and lack of self, we will be kinder and listen not just with our ears, but with our heart. As someone on a path of consciousness, I put myself in the other person’s shoes, it makes it easier to let go of judgment when you become a part of everyone.

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  2. “Judge not, lest ye be judged”….since time immemorial it has been a weakness running through humanity to judge too quickly/harshly, hence the timely reminders/lessons peppered through the world’s belief systems. We are all too quick to go with the adage “no smoke without fire”, and so often, we work on that premise in every walk of life… Alas, we do not have the judgement of Solomon to fall back on these days! Good judgement is born of wisdom…and restraint. Perhaps that’s what we would all hope for if we were ever persecuted unfairly, and judged incorrectly. It happens, just look at the current judgemental issues taking place in the US, and beyond.

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  3. We’re all so jaded, it seems. We just assume the worst immediately. But, we’ve all seen the worst, too. Until something else is covered ad nauseum, for days on end, with gory details no longer spared. We’re inundated with negative, violent, stranger than fiction stories, but not just at 6:00 and 11:00 anymore. It’s 24/7 now.

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  4. We also believe such sayings as, “Where there’s smoke, there’s fire.” And, “Innocent until proven guilty” is rather an innovative concept in the long history of prosecution, in which in many, perhaps most, times and places the burden of proof was on the defense when there even was such a thing. Then, there is a tendency to think, “Well, maybe he didn’t do that, but he must have done something or he wouldn’t be suspected.” Finally, we get deeply uncomfortable with the possibility that a guilty person might escape punishment, especially given a description of a shocking crime. Reserving judgment is no small discipline. The mind wants certainty, not ambiguity.

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  5. Because people want to sound know-it-all. Nobody admits his/her own ignorance except people like Socrates, Einstein and similar ones who actually did admit it. Anyway it all boils down to the fact most people don’t understand the human brain. A neurologist or a psychologist for instance would never be harshly and uncompromisingly judgmental because they understand the human brain.

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  6. I think the rise of social media has given everyone a way to post their opinions regardless of how informed/educated they are. It has provided an equalized platform which has led to anger and divisiveness that is unprecedented.

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