Put A Stick In It!

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The Epicurious Texan

Pretty much since the arrival of Lucille and the discovery that–with the right accessories–she could make ice cream, I have wanted an ice cream maker.  Not necessarily that ice cream maker (I’m open to seeing other ice cream makers), but I do love making ice cream…in part because I love eating ice cream, especially homemade ice cream, and in larger part because it brings back great memories of sitting on Grandpa & Granny’s porch watching Grandpa crank the ice cream maker, waiting eagerly for him to sneak us a spoonful before Granny would put it in the freezer.  I also have heard that right now Aldi in the Twin Cities has a great deal on a 2qt ice cream maker…you know, just in case you live, work, or are traveling through the Twin Cities and decide that your Minnesota souvenir of choice can also be an integral part of your…

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2 thoughts on “Put A Stick In It!

  1. I rea the post but couldn’t seem to reply so thank you for sharing it here. 😇
    if a popsicle i could make
    Or an icecream
    Id put it atop a salted caramel cake
    With toasted pecans and double cream
    Nuts and toffee every girls dream.
    But i would get too round and fat
    So i will sit at home, stroke the cat
    And when an icecream is needed real bad
    I’ll imagine sharing one with my Dad.
    He’s been gone a little while now
    But i can see him, i don’t know how
    In things i taste and smell and see
    I close my eyes he’ll bounce me on his knee.

    Today… Icecream brought him back to me, so thank you for letting me read.

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