Happy Place

This is Who’s My Favorite Today?

Who's My Favorite Today?

This is the view from my front porch this evening.  It took us almost 3 years to build our house, but we are finally in it.  We have lived in 4 houses in under 3 years, so the journey has been a bit bumpy – but worth it.  Our 3 year old has had different milestones and birthdays in each house – she rolled over in house #1, she learned to walk, crawl and speak in house #2, etc……  It’s so good to finally be settled – well almost settled.  We have only been here 3 months and there are still boxes in the basement.

I absolutely LOVE my porch!  I didn’t realize it while building, but the porch faces west, so we always get the sunset over the lake.  Finally a place where my soul can rest and relax!!

Front porch, you are my favorite today!

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