Let Me Ask You A Question – 2/13/17


Let me ask you a question:

Be honest, what is something you do, yet (mentally) judge others for doing?   (and don’t tell me nothing! lol)

40 thoughts on “Let Me Ask You A Question – 2/13/17

  1. I often don’t like when people talk behind my back and I judge these people for doing so. However, I forget that I often talk behind people’s backs too. Although it’s something I really would like to change.
    This is a really good question!

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  2. Given that Einstein stated that human stupidity is infinite I stopped judging others because it’s a waste of time to judge stupidity. Of course there are people that are not stupid but they are the minority. Most people are basically socially engineered by a variety of factors such as consumerism, religion, greed for money, marketing, media, celebrities adulation and so on to be stupid and without the ability to think coherently and constructively for themselves. I believe, in fact I know for sure that people in power and the media want people to be stupid so that can manipulate them. Anyway I believe in live and let live so as long as they do no harm I don’t judge anybody anymore. If I don’t like certain people instead of judging them I simply avoid them.

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  3. This one is kind of embarrassing but I’ll own it. I judge people for not doing what they say they are going to do. Like when people complain and complain and complain about something in their life that they have the power to change and then they do nothing about it, because to do it would take a lot of effort and time and it would be really hard. But then they complain about it again….

    Yet here I sit, 43….almost 44 and I am STILL over-weight. If the scale doesn’t move to my liking I start sliding back into bad habit. I’ll start by skipping breakfast and then I’ll stop weighing and/or measuring my food and so on. Just because the scale doesn’t go my way. Lazy is all that is. And that’s what I judge others for.

    AND that is what I’m fighting against right now. I am determined to stick with my healthy living forever. The scale will move eventually. 🙂

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