Let Me Ask You A Question – 2/16/17


Let me ask you a question:

Please take time to think before you answer this one…What is the best/right moral system?  

37 thoughts on “Let Me Ask You A Question – 2/16/17

  1. The moral system that has worked best for me is to always be honest, be someone who is trusted, stay true to my values,no matter what, do what is right based on compassion and kindness. Finally when I have to make a difficult decision to make I consider not only what serves me best, but what serves everyone involved giving peace of mind to me and everybody in the situation.

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  2. In my view a meritocracy that values and reward people for contributing to the welfare of society not because of their money, status and fame but for things such as honest work, raising good families and helping others.

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  3. This is a huge question. Everyone’s opinion of what may be right or wrong is different, so trying to get a majority vote on what is moral would be difficult. But, if I were to dream about a planet where everyone did what was right because it was the right thing to do. I would eliminate those things that separate people and cause so many problems and I would begin with judgement. When people judge one another nothing good comes of it. From it comes the idea that one group of people, or a belief system, or religion is better than another. That leads to bitterness and hate. Hate leads to fighting. Yes I think getting rid of judgment would be a good start.

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  4. ”What is the best/right moral system? ”
    Uhhh…I think that this question is a little bit unfair. 🙂

    We are all unique and none of us have the same mindset or experiences. So none of us has the right to say: ”Mine is THE BEST!” 🙂 It depends on so many, many things…

    So I’ll try to answer as simply as I can:

    The best/right moral system is the one which helps us to grow as a human being (for the better), and that which doesn’t include hurting anyone else’s dignity or rights.

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      • I’m not a leader of the country, so I couldn’t possibly say anything like that. 🙂 Who am I to say what’s the best for millions and millions of people.

        And honestly, I take with caution everything that my country leaders say as well. 🙂 If they make their case, and it’s OK with my set of values, I applaud them and say well done. And if their values don’t match with mine, ether way, I say: I respect your point of view, it doesn’t match with mine, and that’s OK. 🙂 That doesn’t stop me of doing my best to make my life as wonderful as I can. 🙂

        It’s a tricky thing…
        But, what do I know…. 😀 I’m only 22 years old. 😀 Life is ahead of me. 😀

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  5. I used to think that best is to follow your own conscience and act accordingly, but that raises other questions like how was my conscience moulded? and where did I get my morals from? What are they based on, are they based on a religion, or are they based on reading humanistic writers and their principles? It is the age old question – what makes a good person, was it Plato asked that question, cannot remember.

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  6. It is a system where everyone is treated fairly and given the same opportunities for success. It is also a system where those who can no longer contribute are cared for. It is not a system where lack of motivation or contribution is rewarded equally.

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