Let Me Ask You A Question – 2/21/17


Let me ask you a question:

How would you function without internet access?

42 thoughts on “Let Me Ask You A Question – 2/21/17

  1. I think I’d still be happy as long as the cable is still on! LOL!
    Kidding aside, it wouldn’t be much of a difference for me. I could do other stuffs that are totally independent of the internet, and I seriously think that I would accomplish even more tasks. There’s so much on the internet that one could get sidetracked to. 😉 I think the best part that could happen without internet is that I’d be forced to interact with people face to face! 😊

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  2. At first I would be lost. No joke. I use the internet for everything. It’s how I communicate with most people. It’s where I watch TV…listen to music….read…make some money and learn SO much! I would miss it like crazy.

    ALL that being said, I didn’t have internet until I was 27 so I’m thinking I could find my way back to that lifestyle.

    But I wouldn’t like it. 😉

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  3. Hmm, for-like-ever or a limited time? I’ve gone without internet access for a full week and other times, two to three days here and there. Now, if you’re asking me to do without totally, I do not think I could. Much of what I do relies on it, so I’d have to log on eventually or have access to it.

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  4. This is a timely question. I just spent four days on a cruise ship and, though we could have paiud for Internet access, we decided not to. It was wonderful. We actually had to find other things to fill our time and talk to each other. It’s true that the Internet is essential for my professional life, but I was able to discover that it is perhaps a hindrance to my personal life.

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