Let Me Ask You A Question – 2/22/17


Let me ask you a question:

Pretend that you had to interview for friendship…what makes you a good choice to be someone’s friend?

41 thoughts on “Let Me Ask You A Question – 2/22/17

  1. I am a very kind-hearted, compassionate, reliable person and my passion in life is to always help people in any way I can. Also, I am a very easy going, fun, open, accepting and loving person. I will always be there for someone whenever they need help as I love to help. There is no better gift or feeling than being able to help someone else. It brings me tremendous happiness. I live my life for Jesus Christ trying to serve Him as often as I can. Hugs and blessings. Sue ❤

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  2. I’m loyal, honest, and caring. But I think the best quality I have as a friend is I’m a good listener. I think sometimes people just need someone to listen to them. No advice, no judgment, just someone to listen.

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      • Yes! Can’t say why. My guess is because it’s something I can control. And it just looks nice. There is something very pleasing in having nice things.

        Now blending fact and fiction. The character Randall on This is Us made his bed daily even on vacation and William tried to get him to stop. To relax. To turn up the music and roll down the windows to live this beautiful life. Randall took some of that to heart but continues to make his bed.

        I’m not the only one who finds this activity therapeutic 😊

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