A New Phase

Welcome to Tripping Through Treacle!

Tripping Through Treacle

I am about to start a new phase of my MS journey…..a full 25 years after my first MS symptom, I am about to start a Disease Modifying Drug (DMD) called ‘Tecfidera’.

Will I have to inject myself?  How is it going to help me?  What will the side effects be?  I had all these questions and more when my Neuro pointedly recommended that I take the drug when I saw him a couple of weeks ago – in fact he said, ‘I am going to be your Father now, and tell you that you have to take it’.

The answers to my questions were as follows:

It is taken as a pill twice a day

He doesn’t know if it definitely is going to help me, but he hopes that it might help my disease progression to slow down

The side effects can include flushing, abdominal pain, nausea, vomiting, indigestion, itching……

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